1.   September 2, 2012  we celebrated my younger son’s 32nd birthday.

„It was beautiful day, with lot of sun, laughter and fun. Thanks once again, I had a blast!“ – A. N.


Love, Mama

2.        TODAY’S VISIT       SEPT 07/12

My husband and I went to visit my oldest and dearest friend, who was like my mother, here in Canada, whom I got to know over all my 38 years in this country.

One of dearest and nicest  person that you would like to meet.I am so glad that I can call her my friend:

We also picked some fresh grapes

Guess who really enjoyed picking fresh grapes

Grapes were so sweet and fresh

Also she have a great garden full of fresh veggies and flowers.

Tomatoes are not ripe yet but very soon it will be.

My favors….hot papers

And sweet papers

We also enjoyed hers beautiful flowers

Thank you for a wonderful day!!!!


which I love very much.

Samuel is 6 years old and Elizabeth is 4 years old and very soon they will have little brother.

4.On september 16,2012 Lewis William King is born

Deda and Baka are very proud Grandparents

We love you very much.

Sam and Ellie are very happy to see their little brother,nana is helping them.

Sam is trilled with his yonger brother Lewis

Look that happy face of his older sister Ellie

Ellie is sending kisses for everybody

This is my little princess

They are so happy to see their little brother

Jelena and Roy,congratulations on the newest member of the family King

This picture is so sweet

Love you guys!!!

Lewis William King

Lewis William King is today ( December 16,2012 ) 3 months old. We miss you and love you very much!!!

 Samuel and Elizabeth King

You guys are so cute on this picture. Loveyou….This picture was taken last year for Christmas 2011


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